Two Stage or Single Stage Air Conditioners

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When you join the market for a new air conditioner, some of the choices you will certainly have to make is whether you prefer a two stage system or a single stage. Of course, before you decide which would work better for your home, here are some ideas from Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque.

A single stage air conditioning system is most likely what you are most acquainted with. They have been around for longer and can be

Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque

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found in a wide selection of places. Single stage a/c begin at complete capacity when the temperature in your residence surges mentioned above the predetermined degree on the thermostat. When they have actually efficiently cooled your home, these types of ac unit shut down up until the temperature level operates its back up once again.

Two stage air conditioners, on the other hand, can operate at either 67 % or 100 % of capability depending on specifically just how warm it is in your house. What that actually implies is that if the temperature level in your house is only a little above the thermostat’s predetermined restriction, the air conditioning hvac system will certainly begin at 67 % and progressively cool down your home to keep it right in a comfortable variety.

Nonetheless, if you have not been house for a while and your home has actually obtained hot inside, your air conditioner will come on at full power to obtain the temperature down quickly. Exactly what this truly means is that your air conditioner will certainly be running greater than a single stage air conditioner because it will certainly in some cases not be using each of its power to cool down.

The end outcome of utilizing a 2 phase air conditioner is that you will get a fairly continuous circulation of cool air throughout your house. A two phase air conditioner will certainly send in a stable yet smaller sized flow of cooled down air as opposed to the huge blast of cold air you would certainly receive from a single phase system.

This leads to a much more steady and comfortable setting overall, and it additionally makes it possible for the air conditioning  system to dehumidify your home more efficiently. When the air is cooled quickly, the dehumidification system does not constantly have time to do its task. But with the longer cooling patterns of the two phase hvac system, there is plenty of time to ensure the appropriate quantity of humidity is taken out from the air. If you have even more inquiries with air conditioning, speak with your regional professional.

Here is some information on air source heat pumps used for cooling that you may find interesting from our blog.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque with any questions you may have!

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