The Need For Air Conditioner Covers

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque, Maintenance Tips

Together with ones routine activities to do around the house to get it prepared for the cold period, one should consider some winterizing actions for the air conditioning system too. It is necessary if one wishes to reduce the potential dangers that can take place to the outdoor air condenser unit. The inside parts of the AC system will be fine over the winter months, but the possible damages due to debris damaging the outdoor cooling system parts are what one ought to pay attention to.

Albuquerque AC Repair Dangers of Moisture and DebrisAlbuquerque AC Cover

The most significant risk to the AC unit in the course of the fall and winter seasons is from tree branches and leaves. Dirt and dust are not wonderful either, but falling particles is the main factor to protect the AC condenser from.

Falling debris blended with water from rain or melting snow generates a thick sludge which can very easily clog drain holes in an HVAC system. Exterior AC parts are manufactured to be able to drain water, but add the sludge and before long it can not be able to drain. As water accumulates inside the condenser unit, it will hurt the electrical components, result in rusting, and quickly result in unnecessary AC repairs.

We have observed property owners who made their own covers for the outdoor HVAC system out of plywood, tarps, and plenty of many other materials. While they could possibly be a decent short-term fix, all usually never will permit the ideal quantity of air flow required. If the AC unit was to perform and insufficient air can enter into the system, it will run much more difficult than required and could burn up the parts eventually.

The ideal thing Albuquerque homeowners can do is buy an air conditioning cover designed for ones AC unit. Getting the appropriate cover enables the ventilation of air that’ll be required for the cooling system. Most HVAC companies make covers that will work. Contact Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque if you require support getting the proper one for your system. They do not cost a great deal of money and are quick to put on oneself. If you want us to setup the cover we will give the unit a very good cleaning first, to ensure their is no sludge build-up already.

Various AC covers are created to never need to be taken off, and are UV-resistant and can last probably as long as the HVAC system does as well.

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