Air-Source Heat Pumps for Cooling and Heating

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When your traditional heating and cooling system needs changing, take into consideration an air-source heat pump.

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16 kw power heat pump chiller Ses Salines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are just one of the most energy-efficient ways to condition your home suggests Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque. A heat pump can produce 3 times more heat from one unit of power, something that similar kinds of fuel-burning heating systems or electric heater cannot.

Heat pumps work by relocating heat from one spot to another. They bring it inside in the wintertime and remove it in the summer season, similar to a fridge does. Each heat pump has a turning around valve that makes it easy to switch from one feature to an additional. An air-source heat pump works well in our climate, given that temperatures hardly ever approach cold in the winter months, when this type has more trouble catching enough heat airborne to warm your residence.



A heat pump has two significant elements: the outdoor condenser and the compressor. The outside condenser consists of coils and a compressor that puts the refrigerant struggling. The compressor sends out the refrigerant in to the air trainer, where an evaporator coil and blower fan are located. As the fan impacts over the evaporator coil, it exchanges the heat or takes it outdoors. In the summer season, the heat is gotten rid of from the refrigerant by pulling outside air over the copper coils inside the condenser.

The cycle continues up until the thermostat indoors turns the system off. An upgrade to an air-source system called a desuperheater should also take that thrown away heat and use it to heat water when the system joins the cooling down method.

The US Department of Energy states that “Although air-source heat pumps can be used in nearly all parts of the United States, they do not generally perform well during extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures. In regions with sub-freezing winter temperatures, it may not be cost-effective to meet all your heating needs with a standard air-source heat pump.”

Another choice to check out for an air-source system in our area is to have a variable-speed electric motor airborne handler. This kind runs a lot more gradually, which helps it eliminate a lot more humidity, making you feel more comfy. These electric motors are silent and use much less electrical power.

If you would certainly like to find out more regarding an air-source heat pump, call Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque.

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