Air Conditioner Motor Fan Issues

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque, Maintenance Tips

The inside of ones air conditioner has a blower which blows air through the cooling coil. Think of it as a fan whose job it is to blow the cool air into ones home. Just like any other type of fan, it can become damaged or make banging noises. Since it has moving parts, it will need some type of regular maintenance to make sure it functions properly. This article will discuss some of the usually problems that can occur to an AC blower and how they are usually repaired.

The Air Conditioner Blower Won’t Start

The most obvious problem with an air conditioning blower is when one turns it on and nothing happens. The fan motor does not start up and no cold air comes out of the air vents. Here are a few possible reasons for this. Check the breaker box for the AC system to see if it is tripped.


There can be time when an air conditioner blower will overheat, and then the motor will not run. First turn it off and let the air conditioner rest and cool down for a little while before turning it on again. When turning it on again and it works, it was the motor that was overheated. If this same thing continues to happen let Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque and we will come look and see what the larger issue is to make sure it does not continue to happen.

Fan Belt Problems

A second reason why the fan does not blow is the fan belt might need some attention. The belt can shifted out of place, the belt can be overly worn thin or the belt can become damaged. If this is the case, one can hear the fan motor working, but no air will blow out of the conditioning unit. Replacing the fan belt will correct the problem and one will have cool air again.

Ice on the Air ConditionerFrozen Albuquerque AC Repair

There are times when ones AC system will ice up, and not blow any cool air. Usually, this is a blower issue, go outside and take a look at the condenser unit to see if there is ice on it. It looks like a scary sight, especially when it is in the middle of a hot summer, but it will be alright.

Dirty Air Conditioner Blower

The typical reason why an air conditioner will freeze is a dirty and clogged blower. With any AC unit, but especially older units, if regular maintenance and cleaning is not performed, this can eventually happen. Luckily, this is an easy problems to repair. Many homeowners can successfully clear it out but make sure to consult the user’s manual before proceeding, because different home cooling systems are manufactured differently, and some will need a professional to service them.

The following two possibilities should be kept in mind too. They usually do not directly prohibit the blower fan from working, but can cause longterm damage to a home cool system efficiency.

Dirty Air Filters

By not changing ones air filters regularly, will put extra stress on an air conditioning system. The more air filters screen get clogged, not allowing air to pass through freely, the blower fan will have to work even harder, and as we looked at above, possibly cause it to overheat. It will also lead to debris building up on the cooling coils which can lead to overheating or icing of the outdoor condenser unit.

Duct Blockage or Leaks

Air ducts may be blocked or leaking. Debris or sometimes animals can get into the ducts and block off the main airflow into the home from outside or between the air handler and the rest of the house. Albuquerque homeowners can have their air ducts cleaned by a professional and to make sure the ducts are not blocked. Duct work can get damaged and older duct work systems can have leaks. Periodically, an inspection of the entire duct work system should be performed. Homeowners are able to do this themselves, and can handle the repair and resealing of most leaks.

Various other issues could be with the capacitor or contactor issues. We will not go into the fine details of these two possibilities here, for they are best left to us for repair or replacement.

If one hears strange noises from the AC unit or starts to feel reduced cool air inside the home, do not wait to inspect things and to give us a call before it develops in a costly Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque situation. We are available anytime for help!

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